Friday, March 29, 2019

Science Vessel SC07 Training

A1ON5678 officer's log:

At times on the bridge, we notice some officers will not be so quick to respond to orders or standard operating procedures. These tell tale signs often means they could be off their game that day, or just simply didn't retain the details required to full fill their roles. 

This became apparent when a few officers admitted they didn't know how beacons, tags and probes really worked. Since we had a new officer join us, it gave the training sergeant the opportunity to advise us strongly to review the ordnance onboard the science vessel, and run drills. 

The team's ability to perform in any high paced scenario requires knowledge of their own and other's station on the bridge. The old adage of, we are are strong as the weakest link applies here. So it was important we took the time to review the operating procedures of these ordnance onboard SC07 with this crew.

It worked out really well, as the all the officers said they needed a refresher regardless if one did know or not. It was a win-win mission!

Science Vessel - SC07 
Confirmed Tags, Beacons and Probes usage with crew. Beacons have a 5 minute power source. Tags are used when sensor range is low. Probes can double scan when it goes directly over top of the object.

Preparing for a Deep Space Science Mission. This could mean a persisting a science vessel, traveling over 12 hours from point A to point B for a deep space mission. Using shifts to travel a good distance maybe in order. However, it maybe wiser to fly a scout ship in sustained mode, as it can traverse 36 sectors in 60 minutes at just below warp one.

Starry - Helm
Anonymous - Engineer
Tomahawk - Weapons
Dave - Science/Comms

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