Friday, March 15, 2019

Readying Science Vessel SC07

A1ON5678's log:

A new officer was assigned captain of the science vessel SC07 as it was ready for a field test. The other seven science vessels are still under construction or being programmed. The orders handed down were to ensure all systems were functioning on SC07, and to verify the energy efficiency rating was above 90% while traveling at sustainable impulse. These vessels are going to be sent out on long deep space missions in the near future.

I'm curious with how far one of these vessels can really go now! 

Captain ToxicTwinkie briefed us and off we went. We tagged two space whales, fired several beacons to rescue a pod of whales from the black hole. Probes systems and scanned another pod of whales.

We then flew from DS02 in sector (2,2) to sector (3,2), then back at sustainable impulse. Engineer Xansta confirmed system efficiency was well over 90%. Officer Starry was able to scan multiple space whales in the area. 

It was an uneventful mission, but an important one because readying these vessels will allow scientists to learn more about what is out there.

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