Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Fauna in Sector(2,2)

Officer A1ON5678's Log:

I soon discovered why DS02 was ordered to station in sector(2,2). The scientists onboard the station are studying the fauna there. Specifically the space whales. 

Common Name: Whale
Scientific Name: Dilector Canopus

Scientists have concluded their behaviour as, "Harmless and gentle creatures traveling in pods."

Harmless and beautiful, space whales are fragile and easily killed. A single shot will destroy one, although it will typically "turn away" and fade from sight when shot.

Their translucent appearance could indicate they are made of a gelatinous substance like a jellyfish, or they could be some form of energy. Despite their superficial resemblance to Earth whales, they are obviously not fish, and have no discernible internal organs. Younger, smaller individuals are usually a more aqua color, while older whales are larger, and deep blue. The age of a whale will show up on Science, as "Young", "Mature" or "Ancient".

There is speculation there could be more creatures out there, hence the science vessels have been equipped with one shuttle and beacon technology to attract and repel any fauna they discover.

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