Friday, January 18, 2019

A new Light Cruiser and new features

Officer A1ON5678's Log:

Our duties today included several outcomes for the Admiral. They wanted all eight Cargo ships stowed where the Mine Layer and the Scout Ship was. So we assembled a crew and flew all eight ships down to grid delta five, mark seven in sector (0,0).

All Cargo operators came aboard the Scout ship where we flew to sector (2,2). While enroute on the Scout ship, we tested out the Emergency DamCon Holograms by activated and deactivating them.  This is where Officer Davis took command of the TSN Excalibur. He seemed excited to have his own ship now. We docked at DS02 and proceeded over. After the ceremony and the official hand off of command of the ship. We did some quick tests before we left dock, then performed a routine patrol of the sectors, followed by a quick battle drill. The vessel operated just as expected!

The tests included, new Communication system commands. We can transfer energy from one ship to another, and also activate the Emergency Damage Control Holograms. These new features onboard the Excalibur provides useful when we are far out in space.

Captain Davis realized, event with a well balanced Light Cruiser class, the range didn't allow his ship to go to far. He noted a perimeter of 4x4 sectors, this provided enough energy in the event of combat. Our flight path took us down to sector (2,-2) from sector (2, 2), and then eventually to sector (0, 0) where we docked and finished our duty shift. Even though we have achieved warp speed four, we are still limited with how far out we can still go.

Last I heard, eight new Science Vessels are being built and will be sent off into deep space with both civilian and military scientists.  A Science Base was just approved and construction should begin shortly. Furthermore, additional research is being directed into figuring out how to replenish energy where our faster than light combat vessels can at least refuel.

Here are the current verified sector reports:
Sector (0,0): DS00, nebula and asteroids
Sector (1,0), (1,1), (-1,0), (-1,-1): Nebula and asteroids.
Sector (2,2): Black holes, some whales and new home position for DS02.
Sector (4,5): pods of whales.
Sector (-2,0) to (-7,0): empty space.
Sector (-2,0) to (0,0): empty space.

Current Fleet Assets:
DS00: Command Base
DS02: Industrial Base
Aegis: Scout Ship
Intrepid: Mine Layer Ship
Excaliber: Light Cruiser

BC01: Bulk Cargo
BC02: Bulk Cargo
BC03: Bulk Cargo
BC04: Bulk Cargo
BC05: Bulk Cargo
BC06: Bulk Cargo
BC07: Bulk Cargo
BC08: Bulk Cargo

Being built:
DS03: Science Base
SC01: Science Vessel
SC02: Science Vessel
SC03: Science Vessel
SC04: Science Vessel
SC05: Science Vessel
SC06: Science Vessel
SC07: Science Vessel
SC08: Science Vessel

Research and Development:

Refueling solution

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