Monday, November 26, 2018

DS02 a new Industrial Base

Officer A1ON5678's log:

A full crew compliment was ready and eager to get underway when I arrived on station. The briefing was to run combat drills. So off we went in our scout ship. Captain Davis ordered us to fly the sector (-7,0) before our engineer said we are bingo fuel. So we turned around and came back to DS00. 

Our combat drill in sector (0,0) was a full on siege. One scout ship against several simulated Terran Ships. We lost both DS00 and DS02 in this exercise and barely survived. Even with a experienced crew, we are still ill prepared for a full on siege invasion. The Admiral has ordered more combat drills for the different crews. Being prepared doesn't hurt anyone and is good exercise to bring different crews together.

DS02, a newly built Industrial Base was almost fully operational before we took it out. Equipped with an experimental jump drive, we moved DS02 to sector (2,2) without too much trouble. While everyone was getting use to operating a Base rather than a starship, Captain Davis ordered a combat drill with our 10 fighters. The primary cannon was online by that time, while we watch it in action. 

Sector (0,0)

There was much enthusiasm on bridge, it's been a while since crews have been deployed to completed different missions. Word from above has it that a light cruiser and a bulk cargo ship is currently being built and should be ready soon. The crew agreed that some sort of fueling station needs to be setup further out from (0,0). Where exactly, I guess we will find out when the orders come down.

Sector (2,2)
2018-11-26 9:12:19 PM
2018-11-26 11:01:16 PM

Crew Manifest
Davis : Captain 
Bubba : Science 
Dave : Communications 
Starry : Pilot-Alpha 
Kennon : Weapon 
Cadet Bismarck : Helm 
UE : Engineering 

DamCon Team
Oliver Williams
Georgia Bergeron
Chloe Bergeron
Theo Boucher
Peyton Morin
Adalyn Clark
Aubree Anderson
Léa Gagné
Samuel Gauthier
Evelyn Wong
Felix Williams
Georgia Lavoie
John Patel
Stella Morin
Brooke Pelletier
Dylan Chan
Lylah Ouellet

Mason Simard

Here's the current verified sector report on that mission.
Sector (1,0), (1,1), (-1,0), (-1,-1): Nebula and asteroids.
Sector (2,2): Black holes, some whales and new home position for DS02.
Sector (4,5): pods of whales.
Sector (-2,0) to (-7,0): empty space.

Current Fleet:
DS00: Command Base
DS02: Industrial Base
TSN-Aegis: Scout Ship
TSN-Intrepid: Mine Layer Ship

Being built:
BC01: Bulk Cargo

TSN-Excalibur: Light Cruiser

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