Friday, November 9, 2018

Exploring and returning officer Jimmy

Officer A1ON5678's log:

Starry and I completed a mine laying mission a few days ago. Although we didn't completely follow the requirements specifications to a tee, the mines were laid. These mines have a 10x damage yield and replicate themselves after a period of time. It is highly recommended to not get within 500 meters radius of any of them. Here's what we were able accomplish within 40 minutes. The draw back is the Command Base can only produced so many mines in a period of time, so we were limited to about 50 mines at the high yield. My understanding that the industrial base will be able to produce mines at a much higher rate given its crew and onboard specialization.

I was part of a new crew to run a patrol mission with our scout ship. Jimmy had been on leave for the last several years, but returned and was assigned acting Captain. We were able to brief him on the new shuttles and weapons ordnance onboard our new vessels. We journeyed out to sector (-2,-1) then came back around to confirm the last crew's report of each sector. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary than space whales, nebula and singularities.

Here's the current verified sector report on that mission.
Sector (1,0), (1,1), (-1,0), (-1,-1): Nebula and asteroids.
Sector (2,2): Black holes, anomalies, some whales
Sector (4,5): pods of whales

We didn't head out to Sector (-10,-1) where nebula and asteroids were reported.

We did perform a combat training session in open space. Just to give our returning officer a chance to get his bearings again. I feel Captain Jimmy will be a great asset to our future missions as we expand our presence.

Crew Manifest
UE : Science
Jimmy : Captain
Bubba : Helm
Dave : Weapon

I believe if we continue to push further out into the frontier with our scout ship, we will discover more wonderful events to scan and understand.

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