Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Our scout vessel and DS00

Officer A1ON5678's log: It has come to our attention that we are to bring our efforts to prioritize the creation of a defensive system. That would mean constructing an industrial base to produce mines to lay down at higher rates than our Command Base.

So the Admiral has ordered the commissioning of DS02, our first industrial base. Along with that, a mine layer vessel is currently available. Our current scout ship has done amazing discoveries in the sectors adjacent to us recently. Our Command Base DS00 is strong and will be able to defend itself. But fears of an alien attack is currently unfounded. There's nothing out there at the moment from the sensor readings we've gathered.

The crew's assignment is to lay mines according to these plans and to treat it as a recommended guideline as it is their first ever mine laying mission. They are calling this scenario as "Siege".

Let's see how well the crew assigned to this task lay these mines down according to the specifications. 

At the moment, our fleet compliment consists of a scout and mine layer vessel, one Command Base and an Industrial Base currently being built.

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